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AFTERSCHOOL's Japanese PV 'Lady Luck' Has Shown!...Shown Dullness....

Posted by FlawlessBitch on May 21, 2012 at 7:50 PM Comments comments (2)

So my girls After School will be releasing their fourth Japanese single 'Lady Luck/Dilly Dally' on June 13th. It's the theme for Samantha Thavasa All Stars. It's a cheesy, cutesy-type song that gives you glitter and diabetes as you listen to it, yet it's upbeat and turns your frown to a confused or awkward one. As for the PV, it's pretty basic, not really spontaneous nor cinematic....honestly for me, it's pretty boring and cheap. Whoever produced this must be in a hurry, or didn't give a rat's ass and wanted to wrap it up. The girls' apathetic attitudes didn't help it either.

At some parts they give a little smile here and there and some simple dance steps.....that's pretty much it.

WHAT. THE. HEEEELL? Cheap ass bastards at their best. Throughout the video you can't help but to notice *rolls eyes* the painted fucking oil drums in the whole damn thing. You sure this is for Samantha Thavasa, or British Petroleum? I HOPE THIS MEANS THE GAS PRICES WILL GO DOWN!

Slap this on there, and you got profit!

Every now and then in the vid, they sit in a circle giving me more blandness like they waiting for a bus. They seem not to be enjoying it either:

"Yeeeeah, dis da purrse right hur...whateva.."

Nana: "Are we done with this bullshit yet?"

This isn't the After School I know and love. I pretty much blame the production and whoever was involved in this funeral of a PV. The song supposed to match with the atmosphere, but everything looks dull and forced. This is a promotional for handbags and whatever the bag/clothing designers are selling for fuck's sake. They're not making me want to buy what they're trying to promote. They should be doing slo-mo jumps, striking poses of the clothes, the purses,......with the oil drums. This is a "tsk tsk tsk" for me.

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