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Big Trouble in Little Pallet Town

Posted by thesupremekaidbz on May 14, 2012 at 2:45 AM

***Warning: The Following Squabble Contains Explicit Content***

On a peacful late afternoon in Pallet Town...

Ash: Hey Gary! What's up?

Gary: Haha Ashley!! Is that you? You are one ugly mother******. It's no wonder you can't get a girlfriend that isn't your mom.


Ash: My girlfriend is your mom, in case you didn't know, stupid. I'm going to do her tonight just like I do every single night.

Gary: Ewww! You want to do my mom? Why?? So you can show her how small your dick is.

 Ash: My dick is huge. Your mom loves it anally. So shut the **** up bitch!!

Gary: Stop sharing your wet dreams with me. It's ****ing disgusting. You need help. Go see a doctor

Ash: My dick is King Kong and yours is a ding dong.  Admit it. You're jealous.

Gary: Stop talking about your dick. Sorry man but I'm straight. The gay bar is down the street. I'm sure you'll find your soul mate down there. Your disses suck. Give it up already. I won. End of discussion.

Ash: Just shut the **** up. I'm not ****** gay. You're the homo. You go touch yourself  with a fat chick licking your tiny dick. Don't diss me again or I'll kick your ***. You picked the wrong guy to mess with. You're nothing but a big bully. Do the world a favor and kill yourself. Got that geek boy?


Gary: Sounds like you need to change your tampon. AHAHA!!! You mad bro!! You mad. Just look at yourself man. You're losing your cool. As I said already, give it up. I won already.


Ash's mother: Dinner's ready!!

Ash: I'm outta here. I don't got time to argue with little kids. Unlike you, I have a life. See ya later Ash Ketchum hater!

Gary: Loser!! HAHAHAHA!! Got scared? C'mon, get back over here and let me tease you some more!!!. HAHA!!! This is so much fun!!! Looks like little Ashley got scared and ran off to mommy. Wow! That was quick. I didn't think that wuss would run away that fast. I guess I won this battle. Let's give it up for the champ one more time.


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Reply FlawlessBitch
1:30 AM on May 21, 2012 
I'd watch Pokemon more if they made them older and talk as such behavior. And they get in relationships, college, you know, normal stuff. It prob wouldn't be a kid's show anymore...Eh, that's what fanfics are for lol